My name is Blandine Bazile. I am a clinical psychologist for 6 years. I have studied clinical psychology and psychopathology in Toulouse le Mirail University then in Reunion Island University.

I have worked with children, adults and elderly people about disabilities, professional suffering, family suffering, traumatism, couple issues etc ...

You may be looking for a therapy to come to terms with the past, cope with difficult life situation. The prerequisites for change are self-awarness and to accept life's thickness as occasion to untie our traumatism to reach harmony and a conscious wellness.

My goal, as a clinical psychologist is to help you become more aware and accepting of who you are now and what brought you here. Together, we will look for healthy and sustainable ways for you to cope with difficult life experiences and ways to grow as a person by accepting your own rythm and psychological resistances.

I offer therapy for individuals and couples with diverse cultural backgrounds.

My work is based on psychoanalysis but I also rely on:

  • lifespan integration,
  • emotional freedom technique,
  • transactional analysis
  • meditation and relaxation techniques

I respect Code of Ethics and I maintain a dynamic training. My practice is on the move like life is.

Feel free to call or text me at for any appointment or for more information.